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KUITY is uniquely capable of addressing your organizational needs, whether simple and straightforward or challenging and complex. Our focus is on questions of risk and valuation surrounding system and information assurance and cyber security, financial and operational analysis, portfolio valuation, grant making analysis and sustainability modeling and analysis.

Leading companies and government entities use KUITY solutions and services to gain more precise, consistent and agile intelligence that reduces risk and improves their overall performance. How can we help you? Click on the following highlighted practice areas for more details and examples:



information assurance and cyber security

The task of protecting and defending intellectual assets and information systems is harder than ever, owing to the increased sophistication of the systems and the adversaries who challenge them. KUITY can help you understand, size, mitigate and broadly manage these threats to your organization.


financial intelligence and risk management

Organizations today live in a data rich but complex world. KUITY provides a host of financial and operational analytical services to meet your needs in a fast changing and evolutionary environment.


sustainable resource planning

Today's organizations are seeking to develop sustainable practices that benefit their operational performance as well as the environments in which they operate. KUITY's infrastructure resource planning solutions provide the insight for improved performance for sustainable planning, execution, resource and asset management and reporting.



KUITY provides software and analytical solutions that help our defense customers improve their capabilities and performance.


grant making and philanthropy

Grant makers seek enhanced visibility and insight and are reaching for analytics to achieve a deeper understanding of alignment of strategies and results to organizational objectives. KUITY's philanthropy practice helps endowments achieve insight and deeper wisdom enabling improved ability to fulfill on their mission. Posiba was spun out of Kuity to focus specifically on this practice area: 

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