practice area: sustainable resource planning

Optimize resource planning, drive clarity, know where you stand.

Organizations cannot afford to ignore the ever increasing cost and impact of natural resource consumption, waste disposal, compliance requirements and customer demand for "green" sustainable solutions. Sustainable resource planning isn't just a policy, budgetary or customer relations challenge, rather, it's an opportunity to gain significant competitive and business performance advantages from lasting improvements in cost structure.

KUITY's infrastructure resource planning solutions and services use advanced analytics to help organizations understand and quantify their resource and asset impacts and execute a plan of action for improved performance. We enable organizations to develop a planned and quantified "green" state and "cost to green." From a single building, to an enterprise or military base, to redevelopment of an entire city parcel, or region, our solutions model, simulate, and visualize social and environmental impact and cost.

  • Measure and score key sustainability activities/initiatives with confidence. KUITY's advanced data mapping and modeling platform enables you, for the first time, to confidently consolidate data at any level. You can trust the quality of data and resulting analysis.

  • Report ongoing performance to ensure transparency with key stakeholders and compliance with regulations. By establishing an integrated, consistent source of quality information, you can bind initiatives to a common sustainability framework that allows alignment across all lines of business covering all sustainability platforms such as water, waste, energy, chemicals, materials and economic data. You are able to include everything from the basics to more complex projects such as water treatment, a green field data center, or LEED certified building.

  • Improve performance by identifying the metrics that have the greatest impact on goal attainment so you can make the most informed strategic decisions. Apply the power of Dynamic Enterprise Simulation™ to analyze scenarios and run simulations to improve response and successful strategy execution.

  • Manage and forecast the finances and resources needed to achieve the desired outcomes across the enterprise and within each department. Prioritize organizational strategies and align investments in new product innovation, program development and core technology accordingly. Establish scorecards and strategy maps driven by the sustainability goals of the organization.  

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