practice area: information assurance and cyber security

Protect your most valuable assets.

The task of protecting and defending intellectual assets and information systems is harder than ever, owing to the increased sophistication of the systems and the adversaries who challenge them.

Cyber risk is ultimately enterprise risk.

For the commercial sector, there are a broad array of perpetrators committing fraud, cyber crimes, attacking information systems and stealing intellectual property.

Management teams and Boards are now required to both understand and ultimately manage as these attacks continue to escalate in frequency and complexity. This translates into meaningful shareholder loss.

Traditional third party audit and security services are not designed to deal with this type economic analysis. Our experts in financial risk management and cyber risk management help you make smarter decisions about protecting your enterprise.

We help arm the world’s largest organizations, enabling them to detect and enact preventative measures to defend against these insidious threats. We help you assess your overall malware-derived enterprise risk, including:

  • Enterprise baseline cyber risk assessment; includes, threat derived from each component…policy, hardware, and software, risk reduction elasticity by component

  • Optimal path to idealized state

  • Impact assessment; IP loss, revenue risk, reputational risk, etc.

  • Optimal budgetary requirements (return on investment (ROI) assessment, analytical assessment to focus budget for greatest ROI)

  • Strategy roadmap & redesign enterprise architecture to support lower risk

  • Strategic feedback on current plans, approaches and technologies; including, best practices and industry standards

  • Education and briefings on latest threats and trends

Our holistic approach lays the foundation for enhanced mitigation of Cyber risk.

Also see our Modeling a New Threat: Embedded Malware White Paper.

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