software solutions

KUITY's software solutions are turnkey products, built to address specific needs in targeted practice areas.

Information Assurance

Information security staff must now protect information assets from a broad array of perpetrators ranging from the amateur to organized crime rings committing fraud and stealing intellectual property. KUITY's information assurance solutions provide the management framework to help you understand, size and mitigate threats to your systems, information and operations.
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Operational Analytics 

Business performance management is reliant on the quality of performance analysis of an organization's key operational areas. KUITY's operational analytics solutions provide comprehensive yet focused analysis of a company's operational areas as well as forecasts of future state. We provide a multifaceted and holistic view of the business, enabling managers to perform what-if analyses and make informed decisions that take into account the potential impact as well as the resultant efficiency levels of the business enterprise.  Review a customer ROI analysis



With ever increasing regulatory, cost, customer, competitive and risk pressures, companies grapple with optimizing business performance while building a more sustainable infrastructure. KUITY's Sustainable Resource Planning solutions utilize a comprehensive and scalable economic input/output resource planning capability to deliver advanced modeling, simulation, visualization, tracking and reporting for enterprises seeking to become more sustainable. 

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KUITY's Data Mapping and Modeling Platform is the centerpiece to Dynamic Enterprise Simulation ™, performing the critical data consolidation and live mapping required for advanced simulation.