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Elizabeth Dreicer, Chairperson

Chief Executive Officer, KUITY Corp.

Elizabeth Dreicer is a seasoned CEO with experience founding and leading a variety of innovative businesses. Since 2006, she has been the founding CEO of KUITY Corp., an advanced analytics and software company that enables organizations to gain unprecedented competitive advantage, optimize performance and lower risk.

Elizabeth’s experience spans business development, product development and management, distribution and channel development, IP relationship development, board development, capital identification and mergers & acquisitions. She has worked in a variety of industries including expert health systems, medical device, MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems), energy, community health, technology service organization, medical group purchasing, science media, healthcare publishing and pharmaceutical.

Elizabeth previously served as Senior Vice President of New Business Strategies for Primary Provider Management Company, Inc. (PPMC), a healthcare holding company. While with PPMC, Elizabeth created and served as President of a publishing subsidiary, Rhyss Publishing Inc. “Developed to provide a comprehensive advertising-based decision support and informational resource for physician offices, while providing vendors a cost-effective sales force extension vehicle for the multi-billion dollar medical office market.” With PPMC, Elizabeth was also responsible for developing two previously acquired business units: an ASP software solution company that provided outsourced healthcare adjudication and claims management services, and a drug screening company offering services to government agencies, associations and large employers.

Elizabeth was a founding member, president and CEO of Medoris Holding Corp., a group purchasing cooperative developed to serve the physician market. She led this company from inception through its acquisition by PrimeMed Pharmacy Services, Inc, which was subsequently sold to e-Medsoft.com, now Med Diversified. Following the sale, Elizabeth joined PrimeMed and thereafter, the e-Medsoft.com executive leadership team.

As an overlapping commitment, commencing in 1997 and concluding in mid-1998, Elizabeth served as Interim President of First Opinion Corporation, a development-stage company with extensive intellectual property and expert system content for applied medical diagnostic applications. First Opinion was acquired in August 2007 by Healthways, Inc. (HWAY: NASDAQ). She also founded an institutionally-oriented medical and pharmaceutical distribution company in 1992 that was sold in 1996.

Elizabeth received her Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership from The Pennsylvania State University.

Elizabeth currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and is a member of the Finance (Investment) Committee and Program Committee. She is also the immediate past chair of AHF's Finance Committee, overseeing endowment investments from 2002-2011. Additionally, Elizabeth is a founder and board member of First Opinion Corporation (Delaware) and she is co-chair of the San Diego E2 (environmental entrepreneurs) organization.

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