about us

From its inception in 2006, KUITY has been focused on applying advanced analytics to answer critical questions about risk and valuation and operationalizing the resulting intelligence so that it can be used within an organization’s existing business management processes. Our solutions encompass a mix of advanced analytics, software and systems integration expertise to ensure organizations get the information they need, when they need it, delivered in the most usable and accessible fashion possible.

Our company differentiates itself on several fronts:

  • Solution orientation.
    While advanced analytics is at the heart of our solutions, KUITY is not just a modeling shop. We wrap the core model in a functional software environment that integrates with existing systems and translates raw analytics into dynamic intelligence that can feed directly into automated actions or that can be used to predict future states and assess the outcomes of possible actions.

  • A foundation of great analytic science and techniques.

    • Persistent and adaptive “always on” model learning environment: We are pioneers of Dynamic Enterprise Simulation™, which enables our solutions to continuously incorporate new data and update current and future state assessments creating the most up-to-date intelligence.  

    • Sophisticated data management expertise: We are experts at harnessing data from heterogeneous environments and capitalizing on the resulting cross-enterprise multidimensional views.

    • Cloud computing-leveraged data interrogation and modeling systems: KUITY's ability to harness and exploit cloud computing in an optimized environment enables us to operate with speed and agility so that organizations get the information they need in time to take decisive, impactful action.
  • Accessibility. 
    We believe analytics are most useful when business users the people who make decisions and take action based on the insights gained have direct access. KUITY’s solutions embrace an ease-of-use protocol, which when combined with our advanced data mapping and modeling, makes business intelligence accessible to executives and managers. Rather than relying on analysts and statisticians, business users have the ability to directly view and understand the data and trends that shape their operational success. They can readily construct what-if scenarios and test policy changes, without having to wait for specialist resources.

  • Full service relationship.
    KUITY is your partner in improved corporate performance. Our complete set of solutions and services enables us to tailor an approach to meet your organization’s exact needs. Learn more about our full range of offerings. 

Our team of respected leaders is made up of seasoned experts in their fields. They are supported by a distinguished board of directors and advisory board members, all of whom share a commitment to integrity and operational excellence.